A day playing with Code & Ruby Madlibs? How could we say no!

Our team takes great pride in being Mentors for Kids Learning Code, a division of Canada Learning Code and we seasonally take part in fundraising initiatives to help further our support. Our 2017 #PayITForward campaign raised $1922 for the organization, and going into 2018 we will be continuing our involvement and exploring more opportunities to make an impact.

It never ceases to astonish our team at how incredibly talented and bright the KLC Workshop participants are – at just 6-12 years of age, some participants are already coding their own video games, customizing them with specific characters, sounds & backgrounds! It’s completely surreal. TAL Group is proud to support an organization that is helping empower children and women to learn code & grasp technology in such an innovative and creative manner.

Here’s some pictures to give you a better idea of how the KLC Workshops run, and what our Mentors are doing to make an impact:



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